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Born and raised in South Northumberland, studying at Northumbria University and over a decade of Photography experience. As a Christian, I volunteer within the 'Media Team' at Hillsong UK Newcastle, helping to capture content for social media. In that time, I've had the opportunity to capture portraits, live events and work alongside organisations such as the 'A21 Walk for Freedom', to raise awareness of Human Trafficking.

Style and method My preference is to work light and carry as little equipment as possible while capturing content inside and outside. If capturing portraits, I prefer to work outside and early in the day, to take advantage of natural light. When capturing live events, such as bands and performances, I have the expectation that the event organiser will have a local production crew, to help light up the environment and add atmosphere. Corporate photography, which might include products and merchandise, could be a combination of outside photography or 'lightbox' work, depending on the requirements. When editing content, I try to avoid editing too extreme and to keep it as close to how the camera captures the image initially. Availability Because I also have a 'day job', which can ask that I work from 7 am until 6 pm, I cannot guarantee availability from Monday to Friday and I then attend Church on Sunday. I would ask you have the expectation to meet up on a Saturday, if possible. Please subscribe to all my social media content, and take a look at my NFT shop.

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