Unfortunately I haven't uploaded any content since lockdown started, which is nearly a year ago now. Nothing was really inspiring me, and as we've all experienced, there was a lot happening. However, we're now into lockdown 3.0 in the UK, entered 2021 and we've been welcomed by the first heavy snow in the North East in years.

I finally felt some inspiration, and who doesn't love the snow.

When lockdown started, I decided I would invest in a much smaller camera. One which was a lot easier to lug around then a big, heavy Canon 6D, and also one which could be used for streaming content either on conference calls or recording YouTube content.

I've now been using the Canon M200 since...

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If you're interested in photography and want to invest in similar equipment, please see below from Amazon...

Body: Canon 6D Mark 2 at

Lens: Tamron USD VC SP 24-70mm F2.8 at

Card: ScanDisk 64GB Extreme PLUS

Strap: Peak Design black camera strap at

Bag: Lowepro Protactic BP 250 AW at

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