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For The Trees Consulting
For The Trees Consulting

In August of 2019, myself and my good friend Jack, sat in a Coffee House in Newcastle Upon Tyne and discussed life, gaming, his awkwardness with photos, social media and (most importantly) how to help grow my Photography business.

Jack has recently started a Marketing Consultation company called For The Trees Consulation. You can find more information online at

I've known Jack for a long time, and we both attend the same Church at Hillsong UK Newcastle. He's an amazing friend, recently new Father and entrepreneur. You couldn't find a more genuine man, who resembles a mini Jack Sparrow.

The advice ranged from making my Instagram more specialised and business orientated, to joining Esty to sell Prints and a redesign of my website, to offering advertisement solutions.

I have now implemented most of that advice, but put most of my energy into creating an online, new Esty shop, which you can find my website at

Offering a range of architectural and urban prints, from around Newcastle Upon Tyne, with the intent to expand into landscapes and nature. I have a wealth of Lake District photos to take advantage of.

We discussed this over food and coffee at Camber Coffee; a beautiful and modern Coffee House situated above a Cycling store in Newcastle Upon Tyne, where all the cool cats and indie social media types, hang out.

Beautiful food and Coffee
Beautiful food and Coffee

With the Weather improving, we took advantage of the Sun, to walk down to the Newcastle Quayside and continue our conversation in the fresh air. We found ourselves enjoying more coffee (or an unhealthy coca cola in my case) at the Cycle Hub, over looking the river. A great location, with beautiful views, where you can rent bikes or simply enjoy food and a drink. Please check out

For the Trees Consultating
For the Trees Consultating

If you're in need of advice and guidance, with social media, business growth, marketing and advertisements, please contact Jack at For The Trees Consulting.



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