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In late 2021 and early 2022 I decided to take the step into the confusing world of NFTs and trying my luck at creating a market for my content. I've tried other routes in the past, including 'shutter-stock' and other forms of selling "prints", and never found those to be successful. This new NFT technology seemed intriguing and worth a go. I opted to use 'OpenSea' as the most popular platform for NFT selling. With a bit of learning about 'digital coin' and tinkering with different options, I now have a 'shop' online. I will continue to add new content, as I have a large library of content to feed from and potentially create more unique and distinct content with. Buying items does require the use of "digital coin" if you're interested, but please pop into the shop to have a look

Also, please check out all my other social media feeds via Link Tree below. Thank you.

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