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I had turned 39 only a few days earlier, and while having the week off work, my Dad arranged for us to take part in a walk (hike) along Lordenshaw in Simonside, in the same week. The weather was initially wet in the morning, but by the time we arrived the weather was perfect.

I had no idea what to expect, and thought it would be an hour or two at the most, but 4 hours later, and we had enjoyed a beautiful walk and met some new people. This was all arranged as a "walk 2 wellbeing" through Forestry England, which are intended to help with mental health and wellbeing.

Getting out and having a walk, in the fresh air, is incredible important, especially during a season of pandemics, restrictions and lockdowns.

It also gave me a chance to become familiar with my Canon RP and I'm very impressed with how well it performed, even in automatic, while I concentrated on the terrain and not falling over. All images available on Behance

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